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The Mile High Team


The creator of Mile High Mechanical, Mike has worked in this field for 20+ years. His no-quit attitude is the inspiration of his employees to provide the best service possible, no matter the conditions they have to work in. Mike is a family man, doing his best to provide for his wife, and provide work for his children; all of whom are employed at Mile High.


Jessica has been working at Mile High since 2012, and she has exceptional ability. She demonstrates an unstoppable drive to be the best in the field, and continues to present herself as an excellent technician. She is also family oriented, helping her husband to provide for their two daughters.

Josh T.

Josh is a valued member of the Mile High family. He has been working hard with us for five years. He's always had a positive attitude, and is a very dedicated employee. After work he enjoys rebuilding old cars with his son.


Michael has been working at Mile High off and on since 2014. He is currently a second year apprentice. He completed his NATE course in the fall of 2018, and since then has shown an exceptional aptitude for this field of work. 

Josh Lee

Josh is just starting out in this field as a first year apprentice. He is a strong, hard working and fun-loving man. Working with the experience available at Mile High Mechanical has already filled him with knowledge in the field and the same no-quit attitude as his family. He has finished his NATE course, and is well on his way to being a technician of the highest standard.


Christy is also a first year apprentice and finished her NATE course in the summer of 2019. Prior to Mile High, Christy held three simultaneous jobs; this showed the depths of her dedication. She has already grasped some of the most complex aspects of the field, and she is proving to be a valued team member.

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