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The Best in the Business


When it comes to service, there are none who are more capable. When it comes to emergencies, there are none who are more prompt. When it comes to your expectations, there are none who will meet them more precisely.


We offer our Mile High standards to all our customers; we don't quit until the job is done the way it's supposed to be. Customer satisfaction is our goal, and once you experience a Mile High job, you won't want to go to anyone else. We are here to serve you.

R22 Phase-Outs

As most in our industry will tell you, the refrigerant known as R22 has been declared unsafe for the environment by the EPA. As of January 1st, 2020, you will no longer be able to purchase R22 in the United States. If your system runs on R22, you will likely be told that you must replace your entire system if something goes wrong. THIS IS NOT TRUE!!!

Some R22 systems are compatible with a more environmentally-friendly refrigerant known as 407C, and you can save THOUSANDS by calling us to convert your current system instead of getting a new one. As with all other jobs, you will get a FREE estimate from us, including whether or not your system can be converted to 407C.

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